Who is The Outlet?

The Outlet is an e-commerce portal commenced under local and international laws. We have a registered office at C-3 Aacharya Vinobha Bhave Nagar, Near Nursery Circle, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302001. 

We work as a retail dealer to offer various fashion solutions, including online lifestyle, fashion and other products. Using the web address http://theoutlet.co.in, we offer versatile fashion products to buyers across the globe.


When visitors leave comments on “The Outlet” website, the information shown in the comments is collected by our team. In addition, the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string are also collected to detect spam.

Visitors’ comments will stay on the website as long as the product page or website is active. 


Visitors should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) on the website. The Outlet visitors can download and extract location data from any image present on the website.


We use cookies on certain pages of the “The Outlet” website to better analyze our promotional effectiveness and provide a high-quality experience to our customers. Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive to provide a fast web browsing experience for this website. 

Cookies do not contain your personal information. We use cookies to make a better user experience for our buyers. With the help of cookies, we ensure that you don’t have to re-enter your password every time you log in to the website. 

Cookies also help to provide information related to your interest. Mostly, we use session cookies that automatically delete once you close the session. 

You are free to delete or reject our cookies if your web browser allows it. However, doing so will restrict you from using certain platform features, and you may have to re-enter your password every time you start a new session. 

Additionally, you might find some third-party cookies on some web pages. However, we don’t support or control third-party web cookies. Therefore, we advise users to accept third-party cookies at their own risk.

Do We Embed Content From Other Websites?

Some pages on this website may include embedded content like videos, articles, images, etc. Embedded content works precisely if the visitor has visited the original website. 

The third-party websites may collect data about you and use cookies or additional tracking tools to monitor your interaction with the embedded content. However, we have no control over activities initiated by embedded content websites. We are only liable for the content originally created and posted on The Outlet website. 

To Whom We Provide Your Data?

Under special circumstances, we may share your personal data with some third-party users, such as:

  • Other companies and groups that work for us or partnered with the website, including employees, sub-contractors, directors, service providers, etc. 
  • We may provide your data to law enforcement authorities, government agencies, dispute resolution parties, regulators, auditors and other law-abiding institutions. 
  • Statutory and regulatory bodies and investigating agencies and entities or persons to whom it is mandatory to disclose the personal data as per judicial, courts, quasi-judicial authorities and tribunals, arbitrators and arbitration tribunals  
  • Overseas regulators.
  • Anybody else who has authority to access personal data.

How Long We Will Retain Your Data?

We will retain your personal data for the period or operation it has been acquired. Once the purpose of data collection is over, we will permanently discard your data from our server. However, if it is mandatory to maintain the data record for legal purposes, we may retain your data longer or infinitely.

What Rights Do You Have Over Your Personal Data?

We duly understand that you have some rights over your personal data when you communicate with the website. These rights include providing reasonable steps to let you access your personal data and correct any errors among them. If you are not satisfied with our services in any way, you can anytime get in touch with our team to address your issues. Your data rights are always secure with us.

Where We Send Your Data?

After the session’s expiration, the majority of your data will be permanently removed. However, if it is mandatory to maintain that on record, we may use a third-party data management tool to collect and manage our customers’ personal data. We have no control over third-party data management tools.